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Power Flush London

What & Why a Power flush?:

A cleansing process to remove sludge deposits, rust and other debris from a central heating system is called Power flush. Sludge, rust and other deposits, if left un-removed from the heating system will greatly reduce its efficiency. In case the problem becomes sever then a power flush will be the only option.

Over a period of time rusts along with other debris like soil particles coming with water form a solid encrustation called sludge. These sludge block the pipes, radiators and boiler tubes & drums. Sludge inside a central heating system block the water passage and also aid in corrosion. These certainly lower the efficiency of the system. In certain cases this problem of sluggish water flow and corrosion become so severe that a boiler has to be stopped and maintenance is done. Also, in extreme cases replacement of the whole boiler is needed.

When Do we Need a Powerflush?

Generally, when we carry out yearly servicing and maintenance by a professional team then the problem is kept under check. In such cases a preventive Power Flush in 5-6 years interval will serve the purpose of clearing debris and blockages significantly.

We should keep in mind, however, the fact that copper heat exchangers corrode faster that SS heat exchangers.

In case of replacing a boiler, it is important to perform a Powerflush before installation. This will remove the sludge and debris which might be present in the old pipings. If left without a Power Flush there will be a risk of contaminating the boiler water which, in turn, will damage the new boiler.

Indications of a problem in the central water heating system:

  • Presence of Cold areas on radiators
  • Observation of Coloured water during radiator bleeding.
  • Presence of  excessive noise from the boiler or from the heating system
  • Slow heating rate
  • Turbid tap water
  • Longer time requirement for heating up of radiators and others.
  • Cold radiators but hot pipes
  • Frequency of boiler shut down for maintenance is more
  • Blockage of radiator’s drain pipe.
  • Leakage in radiator
  • Un-called for sound from boilers or radiators.

If any of these indicators is found then it is better to go for a Power Flush by a competent engineer.  However, if the system got so damaged that a mere Power Flush will not be sufficient. In such cases it may be economically profitable to replace than to go for repair. To arrive at a right solution it is advisable to take help of a professionally competent consultant.

Benefits of a Powerflush:

  1. Heating rate of Radiators will increase,
  2. Stoppage of  uncalled for sounds from Radiators or boilers
  3. Energy efficiency will increase- less power bill
  4. Increased hot water temperature
  5. Decrease breakdown maintenance
  6. Increased life of  heating system

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